how did we do it?

Astro-photographer and public speaker; bass player in rock band and radio-presenter; over-seer of local community-hub website and cake-maker extraordinaire. There are no ends to Mary's talents it seems, not least of which are her dress-making skills. The sheet draped artistically over a tailor's dummy in the corner is actually disguising the fact that her wedding-dress is under wraps and hidden away from prying eyes; particularly those of fiancee Mark, whom she will be marrying in just a few short weeks.

We persuaded Mary to give us a sneak peek!

Clues are dotted around the photograph as to who Mary is; the star, the dreamcatcher, the vintage necklace and, of course, the beautiful and highly personalised dress. The subtle colour link of the flowers with the feathers behind her works particularly well visually.

With shoots like this I never really know what to expect before arriving at someone’s home. In this case I knew nothing beyond the fact that I’d only be using natural window light and one handheld reflector if needed; which it was! 

Having said that, I had some expectation that I would be shooting her with large and powerful telescopes and not delicate lace and flowers.

METHOD: One medium-sized bedroom window to my left provided the only daylight and so we used an 80cm round Lastolite reflector to bounce a little fill light into Mary’s face from the right hand side. The natural fall off of light in the background, helped along by a little darkening during the editing, removes any visual clutter whilst ensuring Mary maintains visual dominance in the foreground.