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behind the scenes

how did you do that?

thinking on my feet


Don’t panic!

what do you do when you are losing the natural light because the band arrives late?

I needed to make a few quick decisions once the light started going to make sure I still got enough photos from the session as the band’s rehearsal space was too small for me to be in the room and get all four band members in the picture. I actually ended up sitting on the ground outside for the few shots taken inside!


Hold still!

use a slow shutter and act like a tripod

I got the lead singer to crouch down or lean against the wall to steady himself as the rest of the band leapt about around him.


What a contrast

adding some punch to the image

This sheet metal wall was the brightest background around but I needed to do something to maintain the colour in the band’s clothing. Upping the contrast did the trick!