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For the past 20+ years Bean and I have made it our goal to ensure that all our portrait sessions are relaxed and stress-free, with everyone made to feel confident about having their picture taken, from the very reluctant teenager to the most time-pressed CEO.

We met as art students in the mid 80s, studying graphic design whilst specialising in photography, and soon began collaborating on projects, each bringing our own set of skills to the table.

On graduating I began working straight away as a freelance portrait photographer in the entertainment world, whilst Bean honed her skills working as a freelance assistant to several portrait and advertising photographers in London. 

Sent on assignments all across the globe photographing celebrities from the music, tv and film worlds, I soon learnt to think fast and shoot even faster!  

Coming together again to work on both studio photography projects and music video productions happened very naturally, however, by this time we were married with two small children and we made the decision to move away from the London media scene to the beauty of the Oxfordshire countryside.